Disposable versus reusable masks

It’s nearly impossible to calculate the cost of Covid-19 on business. From setting up remote working, to conference call subscriptions and cloud-based file storage. The list is endless, exhausting and has become an expense not budgeted for. Yet the most valuable asset that doesn’t appear on your balance sheet – your people. And there safety is your biggest risk.

Health safety is the highest priority conversation in boardrooms around the world right now. Companies of all sizes need to protect their teams with high quality face masks, keeping them safe so their businesses stay open.  

This week we had a sales enquiry this week from a national construction company. They have a workforce of 250 people working on building sites throughout Melbourne CBD. Like many businesses, they panic-bought disposable masks when it was first announced masks would be compulsory in Victoria. In just six working days they have churned through disposable 3000 masks! With most people using 2 each day and at $1 per mask, they’re looking at $75,000 per month! That’s an incredible ongoing cost.

Compare that to a large building maintenance business who purchased 500 of our reusable premium ‘Respect’ Face Masks. They gave each team member two masks at a total cost of $5000. The cost saving was more than 90%.  

Hand2Heart provided a long-term solution to meet their safety needs. The procurement and OH&S manager are breathing-easy because they have an ongoing order to replenish face mask stocks every 2 months. They no longer need to worry about supply, the enormous costs of disposable masks or the cost to the environment (just imagine them floating around in the ocean next to all those single use plastic bottles!)

How are you managing the costs of keeping your team safe? Functionality, safety and cost are are all critical considerations. Planning ahead for ongoing supply and choosing a mask that suits the activity level of your team should also be top of mind.

Illustration credit: wishforge.games

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