About Hand 2 Heart

We are two business women who have come together to meet the needs of public safety, by providing high-quality face masks for business so they can help keep their team safe at work.

From friendship comes energy. From energy comes new thinking. We are entrepreneurial women, both with successful businesses in fashion and marketing, both with a passion for the health.

Hand2Heart was born from the desire to elevate the way healthcare workers feel at work by rethinking uniforms and scrubs.

We know how important health workers are to our community and we acknowledge this with much gratitude and respect.

Where it started

It started when we recognised than nothing much had changed in the scrubs space for many years. The same old boxy cut and scratchy fabrics that have no stretch and do not address the type of work of health professionals do. We know workplace performance increased when we feel better within ourselves and we know healthcare workers deserve better.

After much research into fabric technology and prototyping with the people who would be wearing our products, we designed and developed a new range for healthwear and scrubs. The exciting range of garments brings a functional design that has never been seen before in this space.

Think active wear-meets-healthwear. Our scrubs are created to make you feel good while you are doing good. Made from a unique anti-bacterial fabric blend, our apparel is comfortable to wear, gives you the freedom to move and feels incredible against your skin. Stay tuned for the launch later in 2020!

With public health safety firmly the spotlight, we’ve pivoted momentarily to address the need for high-quality face masks. It just made sense. We have the knowledge, experience and supply chain to meet the demand for companies who have high volume needs.

Who we are

Kim Lee is our Senior Supply Chain Manager. She is responsible for product innovation and development, sourcing the latest fabric technology and managing the production of our range with our overseas suppliers.

Nat Lippiatt is Brand and Marketing Manager. She is responsible for the development of the brand and marketing strategy for Hand2Heart so our customers understand how we can make a difference in their working lives. 

Contact Us. We’re ready when you are!

PO Box 180
North Essendon, Victoria 3041
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