Care instructions

Easy care so you can wash and wear!

Our Respect and Sentiment masks are finished with a special antibacterial treatment. Follow these care instructions to look after your mask and yourself.

Before use

Always was your mask before use.


Machine wash before use. Warm gentle wash with mild detergent. Wash separately in a laundry bag.

Do not bleach.

Do not wring.

Do not tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight.

Do not dry clean.

Hang to dry.


Antibacterial fabric can be washed and reused up to 50 times (when cared for according to washing instructions).

Store mask clean and dry masks in a bag or container in between use.

If during the day your mask is visibly dirty or wet, do not continue wearing. Replace with a clean mask. Discontinue use if the mask appears damaged including worn, frayed or torn fabric.

RESPECT Face Masks has been tested for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) with ~ 98% efficiency after 50 washes. Mask should be discarded after 50 washes as a precaution.

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