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Are your masks listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registry?

Yes. Our ‘Respect’ Face Masks appear on the ARTG. Our reference number is ARTG 342902. Our masks for use by the general public to permit normal breathing whilst protecting the wearer from large particles from the environment and the transmission of disease. These masks are not intended for medical use.

What is antibacterial fabric?

Antibacterial fabrics are embedded with a finish so they provide additional protection against bacteria and airborne particles. The treatment has been created for use in garments like masks where extra barriers are required beyond normal fabric fibres. 

Our masks have been tested for use up to 50 washes*. You can see our test results here.
*Mask should be discarded after 50 washes or if they are showing signs of wearing including torn, worn or frayed fabric.

Reusable versus disposable masks?

Reusable masks are an environmentally friendly solution for personal safety and more cost effective than disposable masks. There’s a significant cost saving for companies who need to purchase a large numbers of masks for their workforce when comparing reusable to disposable masks. The average costs for disposable masks is $1 each and most people use more than one per day. Reusable masks are easy to care for. See our case study below for an idea on cost saving. See more details in our case study.

How many masks should I order?

We recommend providing at least two masks for each of your team. Alternating each day so you can wash one in between. Refer to our care instructions for more details.

Can I get a sample mask before I place a bulk order?

Absolutely. We understand not all masks are the same and we want you to see this for yourself. We encourage you to try one of our samples and see the different shapes of masks from our range. Our minimum orders is 300.

Can I customise my masks with my company brand?

Yes we can add your brand to your masks. There are a number of options for branding the mask which is perfect for corporates, retail and sporting clubs. We’d be happy to discuss this with you further.

How to I place an order?

We’ll help you choose a mask which suits your needs. Simply fill out the details on the contact form so we can provide you with a quote and discuss timing and delivery. We’ll also look at your ongoing for repeat orders. There’s also the option for personalising your masks with your company brand.

Case Studies
construction trade face mask anti-bacterial protection

Reusable masks – Construction company with 250 staff

250 staff purchased 2 premium reusable masks per team member. 500 masks in total. Investment $5000.

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Disposable masks – Construction company with 250 staff

250 staff purchased 3000 masks for 6 days. Investment $75,000!

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