How to wear a face mask

Keep yourself safe by following these instructions before wearing a mask.

Face masks should always be used in conjunction with proper hand hygiene and appropriate social distancing measures. Click here for more information from the Australian Government about how to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Read the steps below before use or watch our short instructional videos for How to wear RESPECT Diamond Shape or RESPECT Rectangle Shape.

Step 1

Ensure you are using a clean mask. Before putting on the face mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

Step 2

Place the mask over your face (white side facing inwards). Loop the elastic around your ears and vertically adjust the mask to ensure it covers both your nose and your chin. Avoid touching the front of the mask at all times.

Step 3

The face mask should fit snugly and be secured by the adjustable ear loops. Use the toggles to acheive a comfortable fit. Pinch the nose clip wire to ensure the mask fits properly.

If you are wearing a diamond shape mask, fold the nose flap out to prevent your glasses fogging. Glasses should be positioned on top of the mask.

When removing mask after use do not touch the middle of the mask, use the ear loops. Place the used mask into the wash and sanitize hands immediately after.

Refer to Care instructions for washing guidelines and when to discontinue using this face mask.

We bought the Respect face mask for our site workers because they were so much better than other face masks we’d bought. The quality was next-level and they are so much lighter to wear.

Catherine – OH&S Manager

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